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Integrated Branding: Brand Strategy, Presskits, Brochures, Marketing Materials, Stationery Package, Patches, Website Design.

Summit Creative Awards / Gold Winner

TMINUS10 is a full-service interactive development firm focusing on immersive online environments for their entertainment clients. Their own site was done all in Flash and was completely 3D modeled to create a countdown and space ship experience to show off their team, talent and experience. TMINUS10 is the last ten seconds before the launch of a spacecraft. Since TMINUS10 modeled themselves after astronauts, all projects focused on technology meeting creative working together to launch exceptional online experiences for their clients. Additionally, materials used on print pieces had a clean white and silver overall look, with simple, yet rich accent colors. Metallic accents, such as metal hinges on the brochures and silver tyvek mailers for presskits and brochures were used to emphasize the overall brand image. Once a project was completed by the team, the design team created a custom patch, which would then be added to each team member’s silver TMINUS10 bomber jackets.